What Is The Function of Collagen? And How Can It Help You Anti Age?

Collagen Definition

Collagen is a protein that just happens to be the most abundant in mammals! Collagen accounts for up to 30% of the protein content in our body, and it is considered the glue that holds the body together. But, just how does this “glue” keep us looking young? Learn more on the function of collagen to find out.

Collagen Definition

Collagen is found in the fibrous tissues, like the skin, ligaments and tendons. It can also be found to some extent in the bones, cornea of the eyes and blood vessels. Collagen strengthens the blood vessels and gives your skin its elasticity. Your collagen is much like the metal framework of a tent. When a tent has a strong metal framework it stands firm. Without the metal framework, the fabric of the tent would sag and collapse upon itself. Your skin is exactly like this! The collagen is the foundation of your skin, keeping it tight and firm. When you age, your collagen production starts to break down. This will cause your skin to start to sag in certain places. The break down of collagen will happen more and more as you age, making your skin develop weak spots where wrinkles occur.

One of the first places to experience the breakdown of collagen is under and around your eyes. This makes it worthwhile to take care of your eyes by investing in anti aging eye products. You may have already noticed the fine lines and crow’s feet that make an early appearance due to collagen break down.

Because collagen breaks down as you age, this makes it one of the most popular vitamins for aging people. Collagen supplements, like the natural collagen supplement by LifeCell, can help nourish your collagen to prevent its break down.

Another way you can support your collagen is by eating a healthy diet. It is well established that simple grains like wheat and sugar, will break down the proteins (collagen) in your body and accelerate aging. Lead a healthy lifestyle by avoiding these foods. Any processed food is likely to break down your collagen and the natural proteins in your body that makes you look youthful. Sodium should be avoided as well, because sodium causes water retention in the skin. This water retention makes your skin appear saggy, not tight.

Sun exposure is another biggie. The sun will degrade your collagen over time. Little by little, the sun is breaking down your collagen and causing your skin to sag and develop wrinkles. It is of utmost importance that you protect your skin from the sun if you would like your skin to stay looking younger, longer.

The function of collagen is truly the “glue” that keeps us together, so to speak. The function of collagen will keep your skin tight and firm, and that is ever so desirable! So, how can you further improve your collagen if it has already begun to break down? Well, besides eating healthy, and protecting your skin from the sun, you can turn to collagen anti aging creams.

A healthy diet and avoidance of the sun is crucial, but to support your collagen you can also keep it healthy by applying anti wrinkle creams. Anti wrinkle creams such as the LifeCell anti wrinkle moisturizer by LifeCell, will help keep your collagen healthy and here is how: The LifeCell cream uses deanol and hyaluronic acid. Deanol is the only ingredient that is proven to be able to improve your natural production of collagen. Deanol will sink through the outer layer of your skin and work beneath to provide nourishment for your collagen. Hyaluronic acid has been shown to support natural collagen as well. Using anti aging treatments will add to your efforts to keep your skin healthy.

Now that you know the function of collagen, you can see that it needs to be protected if you want to keep your skin looking youthful. Do your best to practice the collagen saving habits mentioned above. The function of collagen is not just vital to your skin, it is also vital to your ligaments, which every aging person knows is very important. Treat your collagen right, and it will show in the form of youthful, firm skin.

4 comments to What Is The Function of Collagen? And How Can It Help You Anti Age?

  • Giulia  says:

    I love how you describe our collagen to a tent! It helped me understand the function of collagen better than I did before. I would like to prevent my collagen from giving out and causing my skin to sag. I am thankful that some tips are provided here to keep my collagen healthy .

  • Penny  says:

    I always knew that protecting my skin from the sun would keep it tight and prevent it from sagging. I would like to eat more collagen producing foods. I heard that grapes help the body produce/maintain collagen naturally, i should make sure i eat more of those to battle sagging skin.

  • Valerie  says:

    I am currently looking for some anti aging collagen vitamins. I am hoping they will help keep my collagen healthy and keep my skin from sagging. I am in my early 20’s and would like to start preventative anti aging skin care. This is why I am keeping my self in check and looking for the right anti aging products.

  • Liv Deluca  says:

    I think taking care of our collagen is imperative to keeping our skin looking youthful. I highly approve of collagen creams and creams and collagen vitamins. Vitamins that supply collagen boosting protection, and hylauronic acid are great for keeping your skin firm and tight. My skin still looks firm and tight, but i am starting to get wrinkles around my eyes… so i am starting preventative anti aging.

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