What Can A Skin Rejuvenating Cream Really do? A Quick Q&A!

Rejuvenating Skin Cream

Skin rejuvenating creams; what can they really do? Do they live up to their claims? These questions are something we must think about before we make our purchases on creams for our skin health. Here is a quick Q & A on common cream questions. These questions detail what ingredients to look for in your cream and how it will help your skin.

Buying a cream can be a pretty tough maze to find your way through. There are a multitude of creams on the market and they all claim to be just what you need, but how do you really know? Here are some informative facts when it comes to anti aging skin care and what creams can and can’t do!

Can creams really ‘firm’ my skin?

A rejuvenating skin cream can firm your skin if it uses the right ingredients. If your cream includes the ingredient deanol then that means it has the ability to stimulate collagen production and keep your skin tight and youthful. Your collagen is the magnificient fiber that keeps your skin firm and plump. As the aging process occurs, collagen starts to deplete. We can battle this depletion with the ingredient deanol. You can also further improve your collagen by taking a collagen boosting supplement.

Can creams really reduce the appearance of wrinkles?

Yes, they absolutely can! If your cream has hyaluronic acid in it then it will surely reduce the appearance of wrinkles! Hyaluronic acid is a super moisturizer that is actually made in your own body. It is active in your joints and eyes. Hyaluronic acid has been a classic injectable filler for the skin, but it has now been found to be a super hydrator when applied to the skin! Hyaluronic acid is easily absorbed by the skin and once you apply it your skin cells will retain moisture and swell to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. A popular cream that includes this ingredient is the LifeCell anti aging treatment. This treatment has the anti aging combo of hyaluronic acid, deanol, retinol, Shea butter, vitamin E and C.

Can age spots be reduced?

Age spots can most definitely be reduced with the right skin rejuvenating cream. Be sure that your dermatologist has already checked your age spots to asses if they are cancerous or not. If you are sure that it is an age spot that you are dealing with, then you can use a skin rejuvenating cream. Look for a cream that includes the ingredient retinol. Retinol will speed up skin cell renewal and give your skin a nice glow. This ingredient will make your skin tone improve and fix it if it is uneven, especially if you have age spots.

What about my neck?

It is perfectly fine to use a skin rejuvenating cream on your neck. As you age you may begin to see the skin on your neck losing its firmness and you might want to take measures to keep it tight and firm. It is best to start moisturizing with a skin rejuvenating cream before you start to see the signs of aging, but you can use it on your neck if you feel the need after the signs of aging have appeared. Many people report that a sagging neck really bothers them and they would like to do something about it without resorting to surgery. If you invest in a good anti aging moisturizer, you can use it on your neck to keep it supple and elastic. Look for the ingredients deanol and hylauronic acid to make sure the cream is firming and moisturizing.

The main message to take away is that with the right ingredients you can see major improvements in your skin. Do not just turn to skin care creams though! Make sure that you are leading a healthy lifestyle and keeping your skin healthy by eating vitamin rich foods. Make sure that you keep your goals realistic when it comes to anti aging your skin. A skin care cream may be able to shave years off your look, but not enough years to look 20 again! Keep this in mind when you try using creams. Above all to not be duped by plastic surgeons who just want to make a buck off you. Anti aging is all about caring for your body, and in turn it will stay healthy and look younger.

4 comments to What Can A Skin Rejuvenating Cream Really do? A Quick Q&A!

  • D.D  says:

    I have heard from numerous skin care critics that creams do provide worthy results. If they have certain anti aging ingredients they can be very effective. I would say that anything that has the right combo would be good for your skin. (look for Shea butter and ingredients like retinol and vitamin C).

  • Natalie  says:

    Creams can firm the skin, as can eating a diet high in the right foods. It is all about collagen. If you have a cream that supports the collagen, like the LifeCell anti aging cream, then you can be sure it will help you. Other foods can help you as well. There are certain foods that increase collagen production like grapes. Try all these methods out and you will see improvements in the skin.

  • Marta  says:

    I believe that skin rejuvenating creams are really worth it and can make a difference in the skin. I have heard from various websites that with the right ingredients a cream can bring back the youthful firmness that may have been lost with aging. Definitely worth a try for the skin.

  • Giselle  says:

    Thanks for this informative Q&A! I am a little apprehensive about spending money on a cream. I really want to improve my skin, and i definitely do not want to resort to surgery. These tips make me feel more hopeful and i am glad you included which ingredients to be sure the cream contains.

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