All About The Anti Aging Moisturizer Ingredient Deanol

Anti Wrinkle Moisturizer

When searching for an anti aging moisturizer one ingredient makes a difference! This ingredient is Deanol. It is the only ingredient proven to firm skin from outside in! Learn more about this unique ingredient and how Life Cell uses it to benefit your skin.

Deanol is a chemical compound involved in several reactions forming acetylcholine. Acetylcholine is compound located in the brain and other parts of the body. Acetylcholine works by helping nerve cells in communicating, hence, this is a “neurotransmitter”. Deanol is also known as 2-dimethylaminoethanol (DMAE).

The Benefits Of Deanol For Anti Aging And More

Deanol is extensively utilized in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, ADHD, autism and tardive dyskinesia. Other uses of Deanol are to improve your mood and memory, boosting human skills of thinking and intelligence and in increasing the oxygen efficiency, physical energy, muscle reflexes and athletic performance. There are studies claiming it is effective in improvement of the function of red blood cells and in preventing you from aging. Cosmetically speaking, if Deanol or DMAE is applied topically to the skin, it can reduce different signs of aging like loose or saggy skin, fine line and wrinkles. There are numerous studies that claim that it improves the overall appearance of skin in the reduction of the dark circles under the eyes. These studies utilized 3% of Deanol and this concentration is confirmed safe to use. These positive effects on the skin stayed for a long time even if the participants stopped the application of Deanol for two weeks and hence, Deanol is safe (based on this study).

How Does Deanol Work?

It was found that Deanol can increase the firmness of your skin to help make it look young again. Deanol works through your anti aging moisturizer to help the skin directly by causing the vacuolar expansion of the cells to reduce the signs of aging. Further studies are necessary to conclude if Deanol can start the acetylcholine production muscularly; however, for pure cosmetic reason such as reduction of wrinkles or any signs of aging, Deanol is a proven ingredient if applied topically.

The LifeCell anti aging moisturizer uses Deanol to help promote collagen production and firm sagging skin. Deanol is also very good for plumping skin and has been said to replace the need for cosmetic injections in the lips or face. Using the LifeCell all in one cream with Deanol will truly help you achieve younger looking skin!

12 comments to All About The Anti Aging Moisturizer Ingredient Deanol

  • Romilda  says:

    Deanol is such a break through ingredient! I like that it can improve and stimulate collagen production for tighter skin. Many people search for ways to rejuvenate their skin and this sounds like the perfect ingredient for the job.

  • Jane  says:

    @Natalie I agree! Surgery is outdated. I see more and more people using anti aging products. I have yet to try one for myself but i would turn to a cream over surgery any day.

  • Natalie  says:

    Anti aging skin care is very popular at the moment. I see everyone using creams and I barely ever hear about surgery anymore.

  • Heather  says:

    Deanol seems to be a breakthrough ingredient. I am glad that derms and scientists have found an ingredient that can give aid to people with aging skin.

  • Kellylyn  says:

    @Meghann I totally agree! Our skin needs nourishment not chemicals. It soaks what it applied to it and usually people apply products laden with chemicals. I think people should be aware of what they put on their skin and check the labels of their skin care products.

  • Meghann  says:

    Ingredients count when it comes to what you put on your skin. Your skin soaks every drop up of what you apply to it. I think organic skin care is the way to go.

  • Isabelle R.  says:

    I am interested in buying an anti aging moisturizer for someone i know. I think they would be interested in a product with deanol.

  • Marie Chantal  says:

    Firm skin is key to a youthful appearance. I am trying to eat healthier so that my skin and collagen stay firm and youthful.

  • Nadia  says:

    Cosmetic injections are just not my thing. I would much rather use an effective cream with deanol that can tighten skin up without all the side effects or pain that surgery causes.

  • Olivia  says:

    It is awesome to find a page with all this info on deanol. I am glad that in know about this ingredient now so that when i search for a cream i will be sure to make sure the one i choose has deanol.

  • Xochitl  says:

    I am glad that they have this ingredient on the market. Sagging skin is a real age giveaway. I am glad there is an ingredient that can tighten skin up for youthful looking skin.

  • Donna  says:

    Wow when i learned all this about deanol i was shocked. I can’t beleive that their is actually something that can tighten skin topically. This makes me hopeful that people can use creams with deanol as an alternative to surgery.

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