Natural Face Moisturizer With Organic Plant Ingredients

Natural Moisturizer For Face

Moisturizing is an essential part of your skin care routine. Why not opt for a natural face moisturizer? This type of moisturizer is better for your skin and for the environment. Learn how LifeCell’s face moisturizer can heal your skin and help with anti aging the natural way.

When you put products on your skin you want to be sure that you are using quality products. Your skin absorbs everything you put on it and that is why it is more important than ever to choose natural products versus chemical ridden products. LifeCell offers natural products to cater to your skin care needs all in a natural way. Here is a look at the benefits of their natural moisturizer:

Antioxidant Power:

One thing LifeCell is really big on is antioxidants. Besides being in it’s anti aging skin vitamin, it is also in its moisturizer. Antioxidants repel the damage that is caused by everyday life. It also protects from free radicals and oxidation damage which is the true root of aging. What could be better for anti aging your skin? Heal and repair damage with the LifeCell moisturizer.

Vitamin C:

Besides antioxidants, LifeCell’s natural moisturizer for face also uses vitamins. Vitamin C is great for fighting off infections inside your body and is naturally found in oranges and other citrus fruits. The vitamin C in LifeCell will help nourish your skin and provide it with healing power from outside in.


LifeCell’s products are hypoallergenic. This means that all of the ingredients have been approved by dermatologists and they are not likely to cause adverse allergy reactions. For many, sensitive skin is a serious issue. LifeCell is gentle enough to use on sensitive skin.

Animal Friendly:

The natural face moisturizer by LifeCell is cruelty-free. It is also a PETA friendly product. PETA is an animal welfare organization that fights on behalf of animals. This means that you can care for your skin while being guilt free with LifeCell.

Certified Organic Ingredients:

When you use the LifeCell retinol cream you are promoting the organic movement. LifeCell’s natural face moisturizer proudly uses certified organic ingredients. What that means for your skin is that you are not applying pesticides and genetically modified organisms onto it. The environment benefits because organic producers harm the environment less than other production methods. When you buy LifeCell you are ensuring that you are supporting your skin health and the environment.

10 comments to Natural Face Moisturizer With Organic Plant Ingredients

  • Esmeralda  says:

    Any cream that is cruelty-free has my approval!

  • Lynette  says:

    Antioxidants are essential in any anti aging cream or diet. It is good to see that the LifeCell cream includes them.

  • Laurena  says:

    I am big on using antioxidants. I eat a really healthy diet full of antioxidants in hopes of keeping my skin healthy.

  • Mrs. Clayton  says:

    Organic ingredients are really the only way to go. Organic is higher quality and it is better for our skin and the environment.

  • Monique  says:

    My skin is so sensitive and it can only tolerate hypoallergenic products. The littlest trace chemical cause my skin to breakout or have irritation.

  • Annabella T.  says:

    Thanks for the info! This article is so easy to read i love the way it is laid out. Really great site i’ll be back to read more when new content comes :).

  • Mick  says:

    @Lupita You are so right! Why should anyone turn to surgery or harmful chemicals when all you need is the right combo of natural ingredients? Surgeries are risky often ending in less than pleasing results…not to mention pricey. Natural creams are much more sensible and cost effective.

  • Lupita  says:

    Natural skin care is the best! Our ancestors used natural plants for their needs. There is no need to turn to chemicals or surgery when you can turn to a cream with natural plant ingredients.

  • Keisha  says:

    Vitamin C is a skin saver. The antioxidant benefits are priceless. I like the idea of using it in an anti aging cream. Any cream with natural plant ingredients is preferable over synthetic chemical products.

  • Patti  says:

    When it comes to my skin care i only shop organic. Other products are not up to date if they are not organic. The benefits of using more organic ingredients is immense. I think it is great that LifeCell has organic ingredients in it :)!

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