LifeCell Skin Care Has Outdone Itself With Their Phenomenal Products!

LifeCell Products

LifeCell skin care is gaining a lot of recognition. This skin care company is part of South Beach skin care, and it has been providing women with quality products since 2005. Their products range from anti aging cream to resveratrol vitamins. This skin care line will provide your skin with results that you’ll love. The before and after pictures don’t lie! LifeCell skin care is sure to make you more confident about your skin.

LifeCell skin care delivers. Smooth skin can be yours and it involves a wonderful cream and only 17 seconds! These are the top 7 reasons that LifeCell skin care is the best choice in anti aging.

The Dermatologist’s Approval:

Janet Allenby, a leading experienced dermatologist vouches for the product. She proudly exclaims: “I am excited to report to you that now many expensive Cosmetic injection sessions and cosmetic surgeries can be either postponed or eliminated completely because of a brand.” A whole brand eliminates the need for injections!

Backed By Science:

A groundbreaking series of independent studies have demonstrated without a doubt the effectiveness of LifeCell’s anti-aging ingredients on our skin. Most of the research has been conducted by prestigious schools such as Harvard, Yale, Cornell and Oxford University’s medical departments.

It Has Long Lasting Effects:

Don’t be fooled, it does only take 17 seconds but that doesn’t mean it is only temporary. LifeCell actually diminishes the appearances of wrinkles…for good! The ingredients not only reflect light and diminish visible wrinkles right away, but they nourish and heal for the future!

Only 17 Seconds Till Results:

The challenge is on! LifeCell skin care asks their customers to take a before and after photo of their first time using the product. But you don’t have to wait 6 weeks to take the after photo, just 17 seconds! That’s right just 17 seconds later LifeCell will totally transform your skin! The results are not only quick but long lasting as well. The anti aging creams that LifeCell offers all heal damage for less noticeable wrinkles later on.

Customers Are In Love:

Customer Olga Suarez an 87 year old former ballerina said this in her South Beach skin care testimonial: “I’ve become a complete cynic when it comes to anti- wrinkle and anti-aging systems, but LifeCell really restored my faith.” You may have been disappointed by other creams in the past but take the time to try LifeCell skin care you won’t regret it!

The Ingredients Are The Top Of The Top:

This best product line for anti aging uses the top 6 powerful yet gentle rejuvenating ingredients. The ingredients are hyaluronic acid, two forms of deanol, retinol, ubiquinone and ascorbyl palmitate. These ingredients will heal and nourish your skin. The ingredients listed are known to help fight off aging and repair skin damage.

Here is a brief look at a few of LifeCell’s ingredients:

Retinol: Retinol will quickly heal and improve your skin. It can do this because it quickens cell repair and is even used to heal scars. Retinol is an animal protein version of vitamin A. This means it also helps with all things skin health and anti aging. Here is a more in depth explanation of retinol skin care.

Peptides:  These are short proteins that are beneficial to skin permeation and help other ingredients enter the skin better. Peptides are protein after all and protein is very beneficial to skin health and moisturizing.

Ascrobyl Palmitate: Famously found in oranges, another name it goes by is vitamin C. This antioxidant will give your skin the power to repair and reverse damage. Oranges are great for your diet, but this ingredient is like giving your skin a bite of a skin healing meal.

Ubiquinone: Ubiquinone is a super antioxidant. So much like retinol and ascorbyl palmitate, ubiquinone’s purpose is to heal using antioxidant power.


LifeCell is a quick nourishing treatment that requires no surgery! Your face will look lifted but there are no risks involved! LifeCell’s age repairing creams work from the outside in to deliver what your looking for and they are an easy alternative to surgery.

LifeCell products are a great way to improve your skin health and anti age your skin. When you use them you can feel your skin health improving. It is overall one of the best skin care lines out there, and we can not wait to see what they have in store next!

4 comments to LifeCell Skin Care Has Outdone Itself With Their Phenomenal Products!

  • Tanner  says:

    I only used products that are recommended by a derm.. there are too many products out there and some of them are not legit. It is good to see that LifeCell works AND is backed by derms.

  • Angie  says:

    I wouldn’t say the cream works in 17 seconds, but it does work, and great for wrinkles. I would say that you will notice results after 2 applications, but expect more results after using it for one week. I use it twice daily and my skin type is very dry so i don’t know if that affects anything but give it a try.

  • Jeanette  says:

    LifeCell really exceeded my expectations of what i was looking for in a cream. I am writing this review because i use to go from cream to cream with few results. I tried LifeCell and within the first week i noticed improvements! I was really happy with how it brightened my skin and made me look “alive” again!

  • Cynthia  says:

    I have heard of the dermatologist Janet Allenby. It is comforting to known that such a renowned derm recommends LifeCell! I think LifeCell is a great brand (i currently own 3 of their products.) So easy to use and i love how healthy my skin feels.

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