How Exotic Crab Apple Helps You Anti Age Your Skin

Plant Stem Cells

Crab apples are small, unassuming fruits. They look similar enough to the apples that we are accustomed to eating, but they are something different altogether! Crab apples will offer benefits to the skin that you may never have imagined! Learn more here on what this unique, exotic fruit provides for you.

Crab apples are small, tart fruits, that come from the same genus as regular apples. Botanists believe that crab apples may be the survivors of the wild ancestor of the domesticated table apple. Crab apples do look eerily similar to regular apples, but their taste is rather distinct and unpleasant! You would not want to mistake a crab apple for a regular apple, or your taste buds will pay the price in sourness. Crab apples have been cultivated for their small decorative flowers, and now, for their purposes for anti aging the skin.

It all started when people noticed that these apples, when picked, lasted longer than regular apples! These apples were renowned in the mid 18th for how well they kept when stored, making them helpful for people to survive through the winter. Another fascinating factor is that when punctured, the bark and skin of this unique apple would heal itself like human skin!

This apple has shed light on how we can use its plant stem cells to look younger. Stem cells have the potential to rejuvenate different cell types in the body. Because of this unique regenerating ability, it is now being investigated for its uses in treating diseases. This fruit stem cell technology is helping find new ways to keep the skin looking youthful, and protect against aging.

Anti Aging Secrets Hidden Within The Apple

Scientists have discovered that this fruit has these amazing abilities due to the resiliency of its stem cells. The plant stem cells function a lot like they do in people. They work primarily to repair and maintain tissues. Adult stem cells in our skin have a limited life span. With aging, our skin starts to lose its ability to regenerate properly. What results is the appearance of the pesky signs of aging, such as wrinkles.

Clinical studies show that the stem cells of this apple appeared to be nourishing human stem cells. The stem cells from the apple stimulated them. This made them more resilient to UV damage, and even delayed their aging process and death.

Vogue has proclaimed that this fruit is a “super apple” and that it could very well be a pathway to aging gracefully. The specific variety that is very popular was first found in northern Switzerland.

In a study done by Swiss scientists at Mibelle Biochemistry, results from 20 participants showed that their wrinkles were reduced by an average of 15% after applying a cream made with apple stem cells twice daily. Its anti aging and anti wrinkle effects are being researched heavily.

Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Gwenyth Paltrow,  and Michelle Obama all have healthy, youthful skin, even though they are in their middle age. Their secret? They all confess that they are in love with using products with apple stem cells!

LifeCell products includes the fruit cell culture extract from apples. The apples are Malus Domestica, and it works together with LifeCell’s many other anti aging ingredients to give you what it takes to reduce the signs of aging. LifeCell’s anti wrinkle cream is a premium product that uses retinol, deanol and hyaluronic acid to help your skin appear, and truly be youthful.

LifeCell is big on using natural ingredients and did not just include apple extracts. I also includes Shea butter, Spilanthes Acmella flower extract and oat kernel extract. Using these ingredients it helps to target wrinkles and sagging skin to help heal and promote skin health.

As we learn more and more about using plant stem cells, we see how beneficial they can be for the skin. Plant stem cells are showing more and more promise, and we are just beginning to uncover all they can do. As research develops, we will be able to see how much more these extracts can improve our skin. As of now one thing is certain, these extracts do have skin stimulating and regenerative abilities.

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  • Amaija  says:

    I have heard about this Swiss ingredient since Michelle Obama has been using it. I think that she looks very youthful and that is what makes this apple ingredient appealing to me. Gwenyth Paltrow and Jennifer Lopez look very youthful as well!

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