Does Shea Butter Clog Pores? And Other FAQs On Shea Butter

Shea Butter Skin Benefits

There has been a lot of talk on Shea butter, and what it can and can’t do. One of the main questions is does Shea butter clog pores? This question will be debated here, as well as other helpful information regarding Shea butter and its many benefits for the skin.

What is Shea butter?

Shea butter comes from the large brown seed of the fruits found on the Shea tree AKA the Karite tree. The Karite tree (Shea tree) grows in West Africa. It is phenomenal for the skin as a moisturizer. Read on to see how to use it!

Does Shea butter clog pores?

Many people are on the fence with whether Shea butter does or doesn’t clog pores. Many people actually use Shea butter as an acne treatment to lessen acne. Therefore, Shea butter actually has beneficial qualities to oily skin, not undesirable ones. Shea butter is a hardy substance, but it is by no means pore clogging and acne inducing. If you use Shea butter in moderation and lightly moisturize your face with it, you will see that Shea butter is actually beneficial to your skin.  Shea butter can be especially helpful for acne because it absorbs into the skin and provides moisture without further clogging pores. So, does Shea butter clog pores? The verdict sways into the direct of no.

Can Shea butter be used for acne?

Shea butter for acne can be used in this way:

You can begin by washing your face with a cleanser, and then by applying a thin coat of raw (pure) Shea butter to your skin. Only apply the Shea butter to your skin using a sponge, not your hands. Using your hands to touch your skin is one of the causes of acne because it transfers unwanted bacteria to delicate facial skin. Using a clean sponge will eliminate this problem. You can only apply it to the areas that are prone to breakouts if desired. Do not touch your face while the Shea butter is soothing and healing your skin. Dermatologists recommend leaving this on for about 8 hours before rinsing it off. If you are sleeping with the Shea butter on your skin, them make sure it is at least partially absorbed so you do not get it on your bed sheets.

Shea butter for acne is beneficial and not harmful because it has  antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

How do I store Shea Butter?

There is no need to refrigerate Shea butter. After two or three years it will lose some of its effectiveness as it breaks down, but before that it is one of the best low maintenance multi-purpose products around! Store it in a dry, mild temperature place (Not extreme hot or cold areas).

Shea butter for anti aging? Is there a such thing?

Yes! Shea butter for anti aging is one of the best remedies around for dry, aging skin. Shea butter is a wonder for damaged skin and it helps prevent premature wrinkles and lines. The vitamins in Shea butter rejuvenate the skin and helps soften it. Shea Butter easily penetrates the skin allowing the skin to breathe and not clogging pores. Shea Butter has a high level of cinnamic acid, a natural sun screen. This natural sun screen factor makes it just that much better for anti aging and skin protection! Don’t substitute it for regular sun screen just yet, because regular sun screen has been proven to protect you from skin cancer, Shea butter has not. If you are interested in where to find Shea butter, try using it in the LifeCell anti wrinkle serum. This anti wrinkle product uses Shea butter as a main ingredient to keep the skin youthful and healthy. It is made by LifeCell, and it is a premium anti aging product to reduce and prevent wrinkles and aging.

Tips on finding the best Shea butter?

Always try to go for raw pure Shea butter. Avoid Shea butter that is mixed with dyes and fragrances. Above all, do not use Shea butter with other cheap oils like canola oil and sunflower oil. Some products will try to sell Shea butter mixed with these cheap oils to make more money. Go for the real deal, which is raw, pure Shea butter.

Shea Butter Skin Benefits

Here are some of the benefits of Shea Butter for the skin:

• Reducing acne
• Absorbs quickly without leaving a greasy residue
• Helps restore elasticity to skin
• Daily skin moisturizer (face and body)
• Dry skin relief
• Dry scalp
• Skin rash- including diaper rash
• Skin peeling, after tanning
• Blemishes and wrinkles
• Itching skin due to dryness
• Sunburn
• Shaving cream to reduce razor irritation
• Small skin wounds
• Skin cracks
• Soften tough skin on feet (especially heels)
• Stretch mark prevention during pregnancy
• Minor burns
• Eczema
• Sun and wind protection
• Even skin tone
• Reduce blemishes and scarring
• Eliminating scalp irritation from dryness or chemical processing
• Preventing bumps after shaving

Shea butter is a complete moisturizer and will nourish your skin to a deep level. It contains vitamin A and E. These vitamins help maintain the skin and keep it clear and healthy. Which is why when it come to the question of does Shea butter clog pores, the answer is no. It only benefits it, and improves it!

5 comments to Does Shea Butter Clog Pores? And Other FAQs On Shea Butter

  • Cristal  says:

    Shea butter is phenomenal on the skin! I use it on my body and i do not have any body acne, so i would say that shea butter does not clog pores. At least in my experience. Shea butter also has a really REALLY long shelf life. So i can use it for months, even years.

  • Lindsey  says:

    Shea butter was a pleasant discovery for me. I never knew about it till i found some at a local farmer’s market. I have been buying more ever since. It is great for the skin. My child had eczema and i put it on her skin twice daily to help her feel more comfortable.

  • Steph Q.  says:

    Shea butter is great for the body! I know that for sure. I use it on my skin to reduce the appearance of scars and marks. It makes a great moisturizer. Does shea butter clog pores? Hmm i am not entirely sure. But i have a good experience using it on my body skin.

  • Tia  says:

    I use Shea butter on my stretch marks. I think that it has helped keep my skin supple. I still have the stretch marks but they are subtler and fainter now. Shea butter should be bought fair trade so that you know the workers are getting paid fair wages.

  • Mora  says:

    I absolutely love Shea butter! I was introduced to it at an organic farmer’s market and i have been in love ever since. I use it on my skin to reduce the appearance of post pregnancy stretch marks. I also use it on my lips and face it is a wonderful moisturizer.

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