Best Skin Care Products For Sun Damaged Skin

Best Products For Skin

Sun damaged skin can be a real age giveaway. Hide your age and prevent more aging by healing the damage with LifeCell’s best skin care products that help heal sun damaged skin. Learn more on how LifeCell corrects sun damage like age spots and wrinkles.

Age Spots Will Be Improved

With sun damage comes aging and that can result in the appearance of age spots and wrinkles. LifeCell skin has the best products for skin because they can correct this damage done by the sun. Age spots are healed through the use of LifeCell’s healing ingredients. Age spots, or solar lentigines, are brown or gray discolorations that usually appear on sun-exposed areas such as the face, hands, and back. Susan Evans a doctor of dermatology in Beverly Hills gives this piece of advice: “Your first step should be using gentle exfoliating products containing salicylic acid, papaya, or glycolic acid. Next, you may want to try any of several brightening compounds such as bearberry, licorice extract, and hydroquinone that will work in conjunction with the topical fruit acids, to lighten your dark spots.” As she mentions the best skin care products for erasing sun damage in the form of age spots are to use products that contain salicylic acid, hydroquinone and antioxidants from fruits. These ingredients are all available in LifeCell’s products especially their age fighting treatment.

Wrinkles From Sun Damage Are Hidden As Well

Age spots are more tricky to handle, but wrinkles are no match for the best skin care products for healing sun damaged skin by LifeCell! Wrinkles are healed and smoothed with a key ingredient called Deanol. Not only does your skin become smoother, in addition LifeCell is also hard at work repairing and preventing future sun damage. Deanol is an ingredient that is long lasting. When you use products with Deanol the results will not fade once you wash your face. While your skin is healing you can enjoy the look of wrinkle free skin because LifeCell also uses ingredients to make your wrinkles appear as if they aren’t there.

Sun damage can cause cancer and severe damage. In addition to using LifeCell products you should always protect yourself further by avoiding the sun and wearing sun screen. Wearing protective hats is always best as well. Most importantly protect your children from sun damage by applying sun screen for them because sun damage accumulates from the time we are children. It is best to start preventive methods for your children and yourself right away.

3 comments to Best Skin Care Products For Sun Damaged Skin

  • Margaret  says:

    My skin has a lot of sun damage that i would like to reverse. Thanks for all the advice on a cream that could be helpful to my skin.

  • Mila  says:

    I have age spots that are starting to become visible. They really show me how much my skin is truly damaged from the sun :(. I hope i can prevent future aging from happening.

  • R.M  says:

    Sun damage is a killer for the skin. I try to take precautions to keep my skin healthy by avoiding to much sun and wearing hats and protective clothing when i do go out.

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