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LifeCell is an anti-aging system that preserves youth and promotes healthy skin. All products are cruelty-free and Peta approved.

Holly Brakefield

About Holly Brakefield

Hello world! My name is Holly. I am an animal fanatic and cruelty-free advocate! I am happy to share some of my favorite cruelty-free products on this blog. If you love your furry friends, help me in my cause to save them from animal testing. I'm glad you stopped by, please leave a comment! =D

11 comments to About Us

  • LaToya  says:

    LifeCell is such a customer friendly brand. I love how all of their products are hypoallergenic and for all skin types out there :).

  • Gloria  says:

    LifeCell is such a great brand :)! I enjoy using their products on my skin. My skin has improved greatly from their cream.

  • Roxanne  says:

    I’m so glad LifeCell is PETA friendly!

  • Maxine  says:

    An anti aging brand that delivers results as well as being PETA friendly and with organic ingredients. I have never felt better about putting something on my skin. The cream feels natural and smooth when you apply it. It doesn’t feel heavy like other creams sine it is oil free and that is one of the things I like about it. Family and friends have noticed the big difference in my skin.

  • Chole  says:

    @ Rachelle I had been looking for a PETA friendly anti aging brand for a while now too. It’s great that LifeCell is cruelty free. I already own their anti aging cream and it has been working well. My fine lines are improving immensely. I wish other brands could make the same choices LifeCell does when it comes to animal welfare.

  • Rachelle  says:

    YAY! I am glad I finally found a PETA friendly skin care company. It is horrendous what animals have to go through for our skin care. I am glad there are companies like LifeCell who give animals a break from such cruelty. Thank you Holly for bringing light to such an important topic of PETA friendly skin care brands.

  • Rebecca  says:

    I was introduced to this brand by a friend who claimed it made her skin the healthiest it has ever been. I have to say that she was not making it up. After trying some of her cream I just had to get some for myself. I love coming to this LifeCell site to get skin care tips and such. I am smitten with the brand.

  • Gwendolyn  says:

    For an older gal like me LifeCell really does the trick. I wasn’t over excited when I tried it but it surpassed my expectations! Many creams on the market are overly hyped up with few results but I am impressed with this brand. With it being PETA friendly and with some organic ingredients it really makes me feel great about what I am putting on my skin.

  • Lynda  says:

    My skin looks and feels way healthier from using this anti aging treatment. I love how it makes me look years younger too :). What I love most though is how it moisturizes my skin and keeps it supple and healthy. That is the true foundation of younger looking skin. I’m glad that I found this treatment from LifeCell.

  • Bianca  says:

    I love this anti aging system! So far I have the anti aging eye roller and the cleanser. It has been working well for me. My skin is clearer and definitely healthier due to the eye roller and cleanser. My skin use to suffer from painful breakouts but now from daily cleansing it is at a bare minimum :).

  • Anya M.  says:

    It is so relieving to find a PETA friendly brand! I am an animal lover and it makes me feel better to know there are companies that put animal welfare first. Kudos LifeCell for keeping your products cruelty-free and animal lover friendly while at the same time being very effective! Since applying LifeCell’s cream to my skin I see major improvements in the elasticity and firmness of my skin.

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